Round Antique Necklace

Round Antique Necklace

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Since ancient time, jewelery is something that is loved by women of all age groups. Apart from elevating the status of a woman, it can also be used as a source of investment done for the future because its value increases with the passing time. Keeping several aspects of people in mind, we showcase Round Antique Necklace that heightens the beauty of a woman. Intricately designed, the mentioned neck piece renders beautiful detailing of pearls that make it a perfect piece of jewelry at parties, weddings, family functions and many more occasions. The mentioned Round Antique Necklace also symbolizes the status of the wearer.

Key Points:

  • Smooth fine edges and perfect polishing
  • Easy to wear with back adjustable back closure
  • It's shine do nor fades away with time
  • Light in weight, can be adorned easily